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Computer Disposal Essay

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Nosakhare Ogiemudia
On April 15th 2011
Eileen Broadhurst

There are many parts of the computer that can be hazardous to the environment in addition to simply taking up space in landfills.  According to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, recycling and reusing electronic equipment reduces the amount of hazardous materials that may enter the environment. Recycling and reuse programs also reduce the quantities of electronic scrap being land filled in the state. (Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, 2007). In this paper I will be talking about the proper ways of disposing computer.
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Computers that are to be donated must have their hard drives wiped of all sensitive data.  If possible, the operating systems should be left intact, and if software is to be left on the systems, the original software media and documentation should be provided with the systems.  This helps the new users ensure the software is legal and prevents the new owners from having to purchase expensive software to use since it was a free item. To protect valuable company information, I will assign a member of the team to go around all offices and wipe the hard drive entirely since most of the systems are going to be donated by using one of the many choices of commercial software designed for a purpose like this. Those computer systems that are going to be donated will be kept together with accessories like the keyboard, mouse, monitors, scanner, joystick and printers. Those computer systems that cannot be reused or donated will be send to a recycling center, where it can be remanufactured into a variety of reusable components and materials.  Some of the parts can be reused and resold piecemeal, and other can be processed to recover their materials.  There are companies that will take all equipment and determine which can be refurbished, which can be recycled, and then dispose of the remainder safely and properly. The company may even get a tax break for donating their old computer systems.
I will assign other member of the team to keep good detailed records of both the hardware and software that was donated that includes where it was donated to.  Also items that were recycled instead of donation should also be recorded.  The record should include the fair market value of the items at the time of the donation.  The company that accepts the...

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