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Computer Data Security Essay

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Every business from the small auto shop in our neighborhood to a big national corporations are worried about the same thing, keeping sensitive data safe, either by storing the physical paper work in a secure room or by strengthening computer security measures. Data needs to be handling with care and monitored all the time to make sure that the integrity of files has not been corrupted. Plus, data collected and stored in serves needs to be protected from any type of disaster either physically or electronically.
In the article by “Help! Somebody save our files! How to handle and prevent the most common data disasters.” The article starts by giving us an example of a company who ...view middle of the document...

A data disaster is not just when our equipment has being stolen; another reason could be equipment failure for instance the hard drive stop working. It is important to remember to back up your files often because not doing so it can cost you much trying to recover the data. Thus, it is very important to establish some types of policy in your business where regular backups are performed. Installing a backup power supply in case of power failure, taking care of your laptop, and backing up your files are just a few practices to follow. Another type of data disaster can come from an outside threat such as viruses. According with the Computer Security Institute, “viruses remain one of the most common data problems.” There are many tools you can use to protect you system from a virus attack. To protect your systems from viruses install antivirus software on all the computers and remember to keep up to date the virus definitions and to run the antivirus software at least once a week. There are many types of attacks with the intention to exploit the vulnerabilities in your systems. For instance, when a Hacker tries to obtain private information or destroy your data. He can do this by sending phishing e-mails which are malicious e-mails pretending to be legitimate.
In the second article title, “Technology: When IT Workers Attack.”...

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