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An Idaho State University student received a parking ticket. He was infuriated with the officer and so he asked for his full name. The next day, the officer received an email,
“Check next time you want to give a ticket. Have fun with your classes.”
He was baffled and so he went to his University to find out what he meant. He was shocked to find that his personal records had been manipulated; he had outstanding fees, lost his financial aids and scholarships and his classes had been dropped. After reporting it to the police, he was able to clear everything up. (Myers, Cale. 2005) What if this happens to you? It’s a very scary thing; you don’t want somebody to have that type of access to ...view middle of the document...

Technology, especially the computers, has changed people’s lives around the world. We can learn new and interesting things on the internet, yet there is always a price for such benefits. There are many crimes involving computer, one of them being the Internet Sex Predators. Almost 1 billion people uses the Internet, at least 24 million are children and teens. Young people are easy targets for this type of predator, mostly because children and teens tend to trust adults that they meet on the Internet. The danger to Internet Predators is that most of them get what they want by force. They use tricks and do really horrible things on the Internet. The scariest thing of all is that most predators seem like everyone else; normal.
Alicia Kozakiewicz was 13 years old when she was tricked by predator Scott Tyree. He was 38 years old. She had no idea Tyree wanted a “sex slave”. Alicia agreed to meet Tyree one night in January 2002. An online buddy of Tyree was worried and called the Federal Bureau of Investigation to search for Alicia. Four days passed, and they found Tyree’s address in Virginia. There, they found Alicia chained in a bedroom. She had a collar around her neck and was beaten and terrified. Her biggest challenge would be to find a way to get over what had happened. (Allman, Toney. ©2007) He was like many other predators. No one has guessed what he was really like until it was too late.
There are six strategies to help decrease the rate of computer crimes: making the crime less likely to occur, increasing the difficulty of successfully committing the fraud, improve detection methods, prosecuting and incarcerating perpetrators, and using forensics accountants and reducing the losses. (Allen 1977) When all else fails, call in the law. Society is partly to be blamed for Computer Crimes. For example, according to HealthDay Reporter Sherry Baker, most internet sex offenders target teens, not kids. Teens nowadays often take “inappropriate” pictures that can provoke Internet...

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