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Computer Charting Essay

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Analysis of Health Management Systems and Electronic Health Records
Patients benefit in many ways from Epic. First, patient safety is enhanced with computerized physician-order entry. Epic has clinical decision support built in that alerts physicians during the ordering process. For example, if a patient is allergic to penicillin and the physician places an order for a drug containing penicillin, an alert will pop up to warn the physician the patient is allergic to the drug. Physician orders are legible and immediately available to the pharmacy, lab, and caregivers. Patients have fewer delays in getting medication or tests because orders are transmitted directly to all areas.
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It enhances the ability to recruit new medical staff and has the ability to exchange records with other Epic organizations as the patient moves around the country. Improved communication and documentation will improve continuity of care and shorten length of stay. Decreasing time spent on documentation enhances the care provided by the nurse –– data is entered once and viewed in many formats. Repetitive tasks are automated. Epic decreases paper and printing costs while reducing duplicate testing. Order processing is eliminated resulting in reduced cycle time from order to result Medication orders are immediately available for order verification reducing time from order to administration.


The McKesson system captures, indexes, stores and retrieves patient information, using workflow automation to support both the health information management (HIM) department and physicians in the ways they work. It gives physicians, HIM personnel and other hospital staff anytime, anywhere access to review, analyze, code and complete electronic charts in their electronic medical records system. It allows HIM departments to become "virtual," giving staff the ability to work remotely while letting authorized hospital personnel view patient records electronically. In addition, it provides physicians with...

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