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Computer Assignment—Vacation

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The Perfect Vacation at Boracay

Table of Contents
Boracay 1
Geography 1
The Stations 2
Adventure and Beauty 2
Basketball and Wall Climbing 2
Hiking and a Beautiful Couple 3
Fly Fish 3
Many More 3
One Package Deal 4
Table of Figures 4
Vacation Price List 5
Vacation Check List 6

I experienced one vacation that lasted like forever and I wanted to do it over and over again. Indeed, it was a perfect vacation. It happened on the month of December year 2011. I was with my family and some family friends. In this tropical country we decided to go to Boracay—an Island cultured by different races. Back at 1950's I heard this place was a virgin ...view middle of the document...

Getting there takes only 3-5 minutes by tricycle from White Beach and the heart of Boracay. (TravelOnline, 2012)"

The Stations
In Boracay there were 3 partitions or stations which may indicate how much you will be spending—hotels are cheaper in station 3 than in station 1. And for us tourists, the "three stations" along the White Beach were more familiar than the three districts.

Figure 2: The Three Stations (Copyright of
We were walking along the beach at the station 1 and this place was very peaceful. We swam at the pool before we went in the salt water. We had a lot of pictures and had a picnic at the side of the beach. Luckily, the weather was cool or it was not so hot.
Adventure and Beauty
Basketball and Wall Climbing
We ate lunch and went to the 2nd station. This station was popular because a lot of celebrities was accommodated here, besides its games that attracted people. Some went to play basketball which had a price based on quotas. What I saw was a vertical platform used for wall climbing. I found it so thrilling that I registered and tried it myself. People were watching and they wanted to see someone who can reach the top. The vertical platform was just 20 meters high but it was a challenge! I reached it and I heard people clapping. Some were quite amused. It took me almost half an hour to reach its peak!

Hiking and a Beautiful Couple
Inside the island we went hiking. There were also tracks for dirt biking, and the hills where you can run it through were challenging—well, they looked challenging. As we passed the different stations we saw a couple around their 50's. They gathered some local children and fed them at a restaurant. It was nice to think that this people did not only care about themselves but also cared about others.
Fly Fish
Before the day ended we also tried one more thing: the Fly Fish! When we looked at it at first, it didn't seem scary to do but when we tried it... we swore we didn't want to do it again!
"Fly fish is an exciting ride where a speedboat pulls you while you ride a huge inflatable fish! You can expect to get some airtime as the speedboat gains speed and launches you into the air! (MyBoracayGuide, 2013)"
Figure 3: Fly Fish (Copyright of GoTravel.PH)
Figure 3: Fly Fish (Copyright of GoTravel.PH)
The fly fish boat was like a bloated lifeline, a 10x7 ft long floating rubber. We took the ride and the adrenaline rushed through my body. It felt like all of my energy was being taken away and sometimes I wasn't sure if I was really holding on or not. I couldn't feel my arms and you'd think of letting go. Overall, it was an exciting experience!
Many More

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