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Computer Essay

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Q1 answer:
A: A Database Management System (DBMS) is a software package with computer programs that control the creation, maintenance and the use of a database. It allows organizations to conveniently develop databases for various applications by database administrators (DBAs) and other specialists. A database is an integrated collection of data records, files and other database objects needed by an application. A DBMS allows different user application programs to concurrently access the same database.
Depending on the task which the database is being used for, the advantages will usually outweigh the ...view middle of the document...

Other disadvantages include the fact that damage to database affects virtually all applications programs. There are extensive conversion costs in moving from a file-based system to a database system. If databases are online and more users have access to the information, there are additional risks with confidentiality, privacy and security. Most databases store valuable information that must be protected against deliberate trespass and destruction. The database must also be monitored to ensure quality data. As some of the data may be entered into to the database remotely, there may be issues with the quality of input.
Many databases will contain a vast amount of information which is usually extremely important to a business. This can cause a certain amount of vulnerability. Centralising all data of an enterprise in one database may mean that the database becomes an indispensible resource. The survival of the enterprise may depend on reliable information being available from its database. The enterprise therefore becomes vulnerable to the destruction of the database or to unauthorised modification of the database.

B: A database is a base for data. An Open Source database is a base for data that includes Free and Open Source Software FOSS / FLOSS licensed code. Open source software is software that makes the source code available to anyone. The user is allowed to implement, share and further develop the database software to suit various needs.

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