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Computational Analysis Of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (Snps) Of Liver Cancer, Breast Cancer, And Lung Cancer

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Synopsis of
Computational Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs) of Liver cancer, Breast cancer, and Lung cancer

B.Sc Hons. Biotechnology

Institute of Industrial Biotechnology

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), present in the protein encoding regions of the genome can have a profound influence on the structure and function of a protein. Simply these are the changes that could be silent or can be expressive, but mostly are silent. SNPs sometimes have very deleterious effects, such as change in only one nucleotide can cause missarrangement of whole of the sequence and thus codon is misread, ...view middle of the document...

This purpose will be done by searching the genes in which presence of the SNPs is reported. Then to collect total data for all the SNPs for all the specified genes will be done through using different databases such as dbSNP, Picsnp, or SNPedia. FASTA sequence of SNPs and other gene information will be retrieved on excel sheet. Such as “Gallbladder Cancer ” a type of Liver cancer fas been reported to have changes in following genes.


Gene Name SNPs in Humans Total SNPs
XRCC1 496 893
OGG1 238 362
ERCC2 318 699
MSH2 1457 3525
CASP8 557 1034
TLR2 233 1064
TLR4 226 611
PTGS2 167 342

Gene Position Change
Wild Varient
XRCC1 201 A C
201 C T
201 G T
201 C T
201 A C
201 A C
201 G T
201 C G
201 A C
201 A G
201 A G
201 C T
201 A G
201 A G
201 A T
201 A T
201 C G
Alongwith this FASTA sequence of flanking portion will also be displayed.
After this “Data Collection” step different softwares will be used for computational analysis of SNPs such as SIFT, SNP Detector, PolyPhen, UTRScan. After the complete analysis of SNPs different softwares for the codon level analysis of these changes will be used, so that complete information about the disease from top to bottom level will be available at one place. By this role of SNPs in the development of cancer will become possible.


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