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Composition Paper

1178 words - 5 pages

Emmanuel L. McCall, Jr.
Ms. Woods
4 MAR 2014

Advertising and Consumerism

Over the years, advertising has been an effective means of selling products and promoting
new services. Advertising for various products help consumers save money. It also puts money
into companies bank accounts. Advertising new store openings provide employment
opportunities for consumers out of work. Advertising also helps the environmental conservation.
Advertisement is information. It relays opinion, and it inspires a reaction and it influences
emotion. Advertising reaches the consumer in various ways through T.V., radio, newspaper,
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Consumers say that advertising is bad for
consumers. For example, medications are advertised to help consumers get rid of pain, or to
lower blood pressure. The argument is that there is no warning about side effects. I disagree with
this statement because on every medicine bottle, there are warning labels that will show the side
effects to any medicine. Advertising is here to help the consumer, not hurt them. Another
example are cigarettes. There are several advertisements for cigarettes such as Kool, Camel,
Benson & Hedges, and many others. These cigarettes are supposed to help relax you and you
will feel good. But we all know that smoking is bad for you and that is why the advertisements
for cigarettes places warning labels on all of the cigarette boxes and packages. There are other
types of advertising. Advertising gives out good information on our safety. For example: We will
get advertisements on tornadoes in the area and for us ( the consumer) to take shelter to protect
us from harm or hurt. Different weather service channels on radio or T.V. will warn us about
possible bad weather in the area. This aids the consumer in finding adequate safety for them and
their family.
Advertising is shown or displayed during holidays. For Example: during the Christmas
holiday season, people are getting prepared for the biggest shopping season. People are ready to
spend money and purchased more and larger gifts this year than the preceding year. Advertising
has placed a stigma in our minds that we have to shop for Christmas. Christmas shopping starts
after Thanksgiving. Bill McKibben mentions about Churches that are trying something new.
Instead of spending a lot of money on gifts, only spend $100 for the family and then use the
money to need feed a family that does not have food. Then create your Christmas gifts for each
other. This will people to understand the meaning of Christmas.
McKibben, Bill. “The $100 Christmas” Dialogues. Ed Gary Goshgarian. Boston:
Massachusetts, 2003. 305. Print.
I feel that advertising has gone too far and people have created this stigma about Christmas
shopping and having to spend all this money instead understanding the true meaning Christmas.
This is not for just Christmas; there are other holidays that are exploited through the media.
Commercialism exploits President’s day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Easter
with various sales. If people do not buy, then the stores may go out of business. Consumers are
so gullible, if they see something advertised, they instantly want to purchase it. Because of this,
advertising has claims to promote unhealthy habits. I understand the negative impact it would
cause on consumers, but, we need to go back to the basics on...

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