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Composition I Homework 5 Essay

553 words - 3 pages

Krystle Crawford
Composition I (GE117P)
Homework Wk. 5

How to cite different types of references in a bibliography:

1. Web Publications
a) Web site, Corporate Author
State the author of the web site followed by a period, then the date published followed by a period, all in parenthesis. Next the title of the page/document followed by a period, and the title of the entire website in italics. Lastly the retrieved date, month comma year, and URL retrieved from, no period.
b) Article from an Online Periodical
Name of the Author, last name followed by first initial, followed by a period, then the publication date, in parenthesis, followed by a period. Next, title of the article, period, and the title of the journal in italics, period. Lastly the URL retrieved from, without a period.
2. Personal ...view middle of the document...

In brackets list the type of program, followed by a period. Then list the city and state or country where work was produced, semicolon, and then the distributor of the work.
4. Periodical Publications
a) Name of the author, corporation, or editor, last name, comma,
first initial, period. Date of publication; year, month, day, or the year for scholarly journals, followed by a period. Title of the work, capitalize only first word, followed by a period. Then the title of the periodical in italics. Lastly the volume number in italics, the issue number in parenthesis, comma, the page number, comma, then the range of pages for the article.
5. Translated Book
a) Name of author, last name, comma, first initial, followed by a
period. The year it was published in parenthesis, followed by a period. The title of the work in italics. The name of the author the work was translated from, first initial, period, last name, comma, Trans, period, all in parenthesis. City and state or country where the work was published, semicolon and publisher.
6. Book with Two Authors
a) Name of authors, last name, comma, first initial, period, comma, the
word or the sign and, and the second authors last name, first initial and period. The date published in parenthesis followed by a period. The name of the book in italics, followed by a period. The city and state or country of publication, semicolon, publisher, period.
7. Book in Electronic Form
a) Name of author, last name, comma, first initial and period.
Followed by the year of publication in parenthesis, followed by
period. The name of the book with only the first word
capitalized and in italics. The city and state or country, semicolon, followed by the publisher. The retrieval information, the sites URL, semicolon, and the date retrieved. If no date is given write (n.d.).

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