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Components Of It Essay

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Unit 2: Components of IT
Kaplan University
IT331 –01

Questions 3
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1) Describe at least three different networks (computer or data communications) which you access or interact with on an average day.

I use a variety of networks on a daily basis during the work week. To start, I work from home and I must first connect to my home LAN which has an internet connection. My home LAN consists of a router that shares my internet connection wirelessly. Next, I connect to my work’s LAN by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). My work’s LAN consists of a router and several switches. On the network, there are several workstations, servers, printers, ...view middle of the document...

An IP address is written in hexadecimal; however, it has a binary equivalent. If you had an IP address of, each octet would translate to the following in binary: 110010010. 101101000. 10. 1000. The “0” represents “off” and “1” represents “on”. According to our reading, “Data codes are necessary to transmit the letters, numbers, symbols, and control characters found in text data.”

3) A company noting the success of 24-bit digital audio technologies compared to earlier 16-bit digital audio technologies has decided to work on developing a 28-bit digital audio technology. Describe the type of signal conversion being utilized and what the difference in bits means. Discuss whether or not you believe this company has a good plan.

The type of encoding technique that is used to convert analog data to a digital signal would be Pulse Code Modulation. Bit-rate refers to how much data per second is required to transmit the audio file. A higher bit would mean more data to transmit, which means a larger file. There are two reasons why I do not agree with 28-bit digital audio. First, you would need audio hardware that is capable of playing 28bit digital audio; without the technology to play 28bit audio, it would be rendered useless because you couldn’t take advantage of 28bit sound. Second, 28bit audio would greatly increase the size of the audio file. I would love the sound quality of 28bit audio, but presently the...

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