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Compliance Recommendations Essay

3685 words - 15 pages


2008 Rationales and Recommendations for Compliance

for MLS, DMS, MLT, HT/HTL, CG, and PathA programs
(*compatible with merged Guide to Accreditation)
(version: October 2011)


|Standard 1 | |Standard 1 | |
|1-1 |The [sponsoring institution/affiliate(s)] is (are) not accredited by a recognized |1-1 |Submit documentation that the [sponsoring institution] [affiliate(s)] is (are) |
| |agency. ...view middle of the document...

|1B-2 |The agreement does not address student professional liability coverage |1B-2 | |
|1B-3 |The agreement does not address student health and safety policies |1B-3 | |
|1B-4 |The agreement does not address the provision for renewal |1B-4 | |
|1B-5 |The agreement does not address the termination clause providing for program completion|1B-5 | |
| |of enrolled students | | |
| |
|Standard 2 |NONE |Standard 2 |NONE |
| |
|Standard 3 | |Standard 3 | |
|3-1a |The institution seeking accreditation does not assume primary responsibility for |3-1a |The institution must assume this (these) responsibility (-ies) and submit |
| |curriculum planning and selection of course content. | |documentation showing how this (these) is (are) done |
|3-1b |The institution seeking accreditation does not |3-1b | |
| |assume primary responsibility for coordinating | | |
| |classroom teaching and applied education. | ...

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