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Complex Life Essay

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Astronomy 101 Midterm

Professor Gonzalez


Complex Life

What led to complex life as we know it? Scientists have always been baffled with how it happened, because there are so many things that contributed in both big and small ways. The earth had to let its Primordial soup boil for millions of years, just for the slight chance that life would be created. Many things contributed to the creation of complex life but there are a few ways that really shaped how we know life today.
The most treasured source of life today is pretty obvious. We are all made of water and we need it to live our daily lives. Meanwhile while the Earth was cooling, asteroids and comets collided with earth, transferring materials that they were made of. Luckily enough one of those common materials happened to be Ice, which eventually thawed and became the oceans ...view middle of the document...

Another big contributor to our protection from the dangerous universe is the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is a field created by our planet’s fast moving charged particles giving us a magnetic field. If we did not have this magnetic field, we would be at the wrath of the sun, which spews out strong solar winds that would not make life possible today.
As well one of our neighbors helps us out a lot. The moon is a pretty big contributor to complex life. It was formed supposedly from the Earth and another planet called Theia colliding, causing massive chunks to orbit, ending in one planet, with a satellite moon. Without the moon the tides would be unbearable and the days would be very short due earth’s speedy spinning.
Infrared light has contributed a huge ton in the process of forming complex life. The sun produces infrared light, which in turn gives the Earth heat. Without the heat from infrared light, the earth would be far too cold for any primordial soup life to ever grow. The temperature of the Earth is crucial to what kind of life has formed today and if that temperature was any different we might have had a completely different result of what kind of life we have today.
The final contributor to humans as complex life was the extinction of the dinosaurs. The Chixulub meteor was about 10 km across and left a massive impact crater, which geologists did not discover until recently off of the gulf of Mexico. If the dinosaurs were to have survived, then life today would contain mostly reptilian predators most likely. The ground dwellers that would later evolve into more complex life, would not have survived if those predators had lasted.

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