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Competitors Analysis

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Competitors Analysis:
* Aggregates competitors:
Belen Sand & Gravel: website in construction, indeed you can see some pages but not all of them. It is a very basic website and not a very attractive one. Content: 9 different tabs (Home, Concrete, Aggregate, Service area, Credit appl, Key personnel, Tools, For sale, Contact us). In all this tabs there only is the strict minimum of information. In a general overview it not a good website, not well designed, not attractive. They don’t use (for the moment) any of the social media.

Cook: The first page is sober and purified; you easily find some first information as their activity, etc… there some pictures of what they did that ...view middle of the document...

Their Facebook page do not seem really interactive, there is no comment from followers or no discussion between them and the company. For example they never ask for their advice or what they think about this new project… Low frequency 2 or 3 post per month.

Twitter: only since few months and it has quite the same content as Facebook. They are talking about their awards they received and ask people to vote for them. They do not have a lot of “followers”, only 36 and they have just put 9 tweets on their account.

Waycor – Oldcastle: well designed and sober, on the first page of their website you have different pictures of their projects that ravel and a little overview of the company. There is 8 different tabs and an overview of each of their products. They are using Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter (Twitter and Facebook are common for the US and Canada) and it is indicated on their website you just have to click on the symbol and you are directly redirected to their home page.

Facebook: lot of pictures of their partnership with some charity such as Habitat for Humanity. Also some picture of all the event they created and of the people who participated, most of the event created are in relation with a charity. Pictures of the volunteer and the employee helping the charity. There is also some post concerning their actual and future project and some links that redirected us to some articles about them. They are also directly interacting with the followers for example the wish them happy St Patrick’s day, they are also asking question to the followers to have their point of view on their product, services and events. They tend to post once a week but it really depend, for example for the month of June they posted 6 different post whereas in July only 1.

Linkedin: there is 4 different tabs, you first arrive on an overview of the company, you also hve an overview or each product and you can follow them, there is a “career” tabs where you can see who is hiring, learn more about working with them and send...

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