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Competitive Strategies Coca Cola Vs. Pepsi

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Competitive Strategies Coca Cola vs. Pepsi
Mohammed Hashim

Professor Dr. Phyllis Parise

Contemporary Business

May 05, 2013

Coca Cola and Pepsi Company are two of the largest producers and distributors of beverage in the world. They manufacture, markets and sells variety of carbonated, non-alcohol beverages. They continued to lead the industry with their commitment to healthier food and maintaining the high quality of their beverages.
Pepsi and Coca Cola has been known to have history of competition to maintained share of world mark, where both companies need each other in order to remain competitive. Pepsi is known to offer culture that encourage their employee to be initiative, risk ...view middle of the document...

Coca-Cola Company owns minority shares in some of its largest franchises.
While Pepsi in the same token, produce concentrated syrup and markets this syrup products on the basis of local process, where local Pepsi Company determine which products to pact and sell in their territory, based on local consumer demand and other market factors.
Pepsi now operates in more than 190 counties, Pepsi device marketing strategies through celebrity endorsers as well as on the internet, newspaper, local TV, and sponsorships. To get customer’s attention Pepsi promotes its brands in supermarkets through discount and better prices.
While in the other hand, Coca Cola Company can be found in every country in the world, and has over 300 brands with different packaging. Coca Cola has a greater success of differentiating its products from the competitors which give it a competitive advantage as part of it marketing strategies.
Question of which test better, between Coca Cola and Pepsi, answer will defend over who you ask the question, Coke lover always claim that Coke is better than Pepsi, like wise Pepsi’s will tell you Pepsi better. In 1975, Pepsi introduced the Pepsi Challenge advertising war where PepsiCo set up a blind tasting between Pepsi-Cola and rival Coca-Cola. During these blind taste, e majority of participants picked Pepsi as the better tasting of the two soft drinks. PepsiCo took great advantage of the campaign with television commercials reporting the results to the public.
Advertisement war, product test, colors, and packaging are not the only area they contest to...

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