Competitive Children Essay

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Competitive children reality shows are harmful for their future

This paper was prepared for English-102, Section-2, taught by Evita Umama Amin
A few days ago I was reading a newspaper and, suddenly I saw a headline that said” children become senseless in reality shows” and, reading the detail I came to know that due to aggressive comment from judges, the children became nervous and became senseless. Reading this news I was going through some article about competitive children reality shows and I came to know about a ...view middle of the document...

The more children will attend this kind of competitive reality shows, more its sanitized and glamorized world will kill the emotions of children very slowly. Because of competition it creates a competitive mind in children and gradually it can make them too much competitive which can make them suffer in the long run because, being too much competitive a children will never learn to respect any kind of emotion from the other people. Moreover he or she will never learn when to give prior to emotion and when not to. Too much competition will always make him think about his betterment or how he can reach in top but, he will never understand that thinking always about the top and forgetting your near ones can cause him losing his well wisher. In addition to that if children become too much competitive he or she may not be able to mix up with people easily because, “people never like those kind of people who only thinks about them and act selfishly everywhere and don’t know when to stop doing competition. This reality shows seems a machine of making emotionless human robot to me” (Pastorek, 2007). Moreover children’s are becoming unfriendly day by day by attending these reality shows because children are learning to think the other participants as their competitor and it can effect in their real life also. We all know that children like to keep their habit of childhood for a long time and if this kind of habit grows into them it’s an alarming thing for them. In addition to that sometimes parents are also creating this thing among their children by teaching them not to share or make friendship with the other children of reality shows so that they can’t know how he or she is preparing themselves for competition. Doing this “parents are injecting a virus of unfriendliness into their children mind and when they try find the reason of his or her having less friend and suffering by mental problem they just forget to look back and see what they have plant which is now a huge tree and hard to cut down”(Pastorek,2007). However this competitive reality shows sometimes also killing their moral values when they are only thinking about wining and becoming famous or making their parents proud certainly their mind can push them to adopt which is not morally right for them but to win or the fear of losing can push them to do suchkind of thing . May be the children mind is not that mature enough to think that winning or losing is not a matter and also here this reality shows are playing an vital role to make them think that I have to win and there is no other way. In this process the children can adopt some decision which is not right. So reality shows are playing a vital role on killing children moral things.
Secondly competitive children reality shows are putting burden on their small shoulder. In such an early age they are not matured enough to bear this kind of pressure in their life because they don’t know how to handle the pressure...

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