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Competitive Advantage Essay

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Competitive Advantage and Pro Sports
LaChandra Nicole Gaines
MGMT 488
June 5, 2011
Ronald Morritt

Competitive Advantage and Pro Sports
Sustainable competitive advantage is the main purpose of an organization’s corporate strategy. Sustainable Advantage permits the preservation and development of a company’s competitive location within market (Strategy Fundamental: Determining Sustainable Competitive Advantage, 2010). Competitive advantage facilitates an organization to outlast against its competitors for an insignificant amount of time. Competitive advantage may originate in many forms. The competitive characteristic stems from the likeness of other alternatives (Strategy ...view middle of the document...

Some characteristics of a sustainable competitive advantage are it cannot be duplicated by competitors, competitive advantage continually adds values and it can be improved over time (Strategy Fundamental: Determining Sustainable Competitive Advantage, 2010). The trial when trying to create or establish a competitive advantage is the fact of ensuring the characteristics will last for an indefinite amount of time. Nothing lasts forever, especially since we are always discovering new ways of doing things. The harder it is to copy/replace, the longer it adds value, the ease at which it can be renewed, and the amount of improved value an advantage has culminates in how sustainable a competitive advantage is. A sustainable competitive advantage must evolve to keep up with or constantly surpass the innovations in its market space (Strategy Fundamental: Determining Sustainable Competitive Advantage, 2010).
Competitive advantage is a method that an organization connects to its...

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