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Competency Assessment Essay

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Organizational Behavior & Leadership
Competency Assessment and Development Plan

Self Competency – involves your overall ability to assess your own strengths and weaknesses, set and pursue professional goals, balance work and personal life and engage in new learning – including new or modified skills, behaviors, and attitudes.

Development Plan for the Ethics Competency

I need to learn the principle of ethics better. There are many principles that are involved in this competency that I feel are important to learn.
Another area of development has a lot to do with that of diversity. People of different backgrounds may view my ethical standpoint to be different from ...view middle of the document...

I have always worked with and respected people from different cultures and am always open to learn how they interact with others.

In these corporations it is important to offer insight of different cultures because what we may see to be acceptable may not be unacceptable to others. This goes back to the idea of continuing education and always learning about across cultures and diversity.

Development Plan for the Across Cultures Competency

This competency takes me back much to the diversity competency. Interacting with diverse people and taking into consideration how people from different nations and cultures approach issues and reach a goal is what I would to develop myself in this area. Being able to approach situations with an open mind is so important because there is always something new to learn from others.

Teams Competency – involves your overall ability to develop, support, facilitate, and lead groups to achieve organizational goals.


On the “Personal Power Inventory” I have scored the highest in the high power position. This score exhibits that I am able to take responsibilities and situations into my own hands and achieve goals. I have a strong ability of being able to support my coworkers as well as the office manager and doctors. I have been depended on for multiple tasks and believe I have done well in all tasks I was given.

According to the GLOBE leaders behavior instrument it has been determined that I consider it to be slightly to greatly important for a leader to be charismatic, team – oriented, participative, and autonomous. I do agree with this and I feel I do hold these characteristics. I am a charismatic and like to keep my team interested and motivated. An example of a task I had that involved a lot of charisma was when I volunteered for a clinic of disabled children
Being a team – oriented and participative person is important because it involves allowing other people to have a say in the decisions that are being made as well as being able to collaborate with others...

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