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Compensatory Work Learning Style Essay

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Workshop 1 Compensatory Work
Workshop one touched on Mentor Preparation for the Health Care Professional and looked into adult learners and how they best learn by reviewing the different learning styles. I have done further reading to gain a greater understanding of the differing learning styles so I can reflect upon and identify my own learning style. Peterson, (2012) explains that adult learners learn best when they understand why it is important to know something. Whereas Knowels, (1990) states that adult learners are motivated strongly by self direction and independence in the learning process.
I have become aware that to become a good mentor I firstly need to know and understand my ...view middle of the document...

(See sub appendix 1). The cycle devised by Honey and Munford (1992) is more relevant and I found it easier to allocate my learning style using this cycle as it was more explanatory.
As a mentor I have now made myself more understanding of the theory behind different learning styles so I can appropriately incorporate the styles into the students learning action plan to enable the student to enhance their skills, knowledge and confidence allowing them to also take a certain amount of control in their learning. It is widely documented that is harder for the student to progress when the student and mentor learn in different ways it can cause problems to become apparent in the relationship leading the student to lack confident when working under direct supervision.
On reflection my learning style has always been that of a pragmatist, I feel it easier to learn while in the practice setting rather than reading the literature, but I need to be more aware of students learning styles and...

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