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Compensation Plan Essay

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Compensation Plan
When it comes to the compensation plan that the company provides is hopefully a good plan. “It is no exaggeration to say that for most firms, benefits represent substantial annual expenditures” (Cascio. (2005). Chapter 12, p.464). So, it takes time to come up with a good or “decent” compensation plan.
For the new team that has been developed in the InterClean, there has to be some good benefits for them to want to stay with the company. There are four laws that the company has to go by and we are going to make sure they are being followed. One is the Social Security Act. Having Social Security when you retire helps all employees in any company. The company ...view middle of the document...

For them to get unpaid vacation days’ is because they went over the amount of paid vacation days they were given. Our company would like to have a good hospitalization, surgical, and maternity coverage. Women would like to make sure they are taken care of when they become pregnant. So, they get six to eight weeks paid maternity leave. If it has to be longer than that, the doctor has to send a letter stated why. Also, if they just want to stay out a little longer. Then their job will be held for her for up to eight months.
When it comes to motivating the team, our company has to come up with some really good ideas. Since the team is in the sales department there are so many different things you can do. One would be who can get the most sales within the month. If that is too simple, then the manager can add stipulations with it. The reward would be leaving work early or a gift certificate. Another way would be customer satisfaction. Ask the customers if they would talk to the manager about how there experience...

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