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Compensation Of College Athletes Essay

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Should college athletes get paid? Does it teach kids that they do not have to have a job to make money, and that they can just do whatever they like because they know they are too good and will not be let off? I find this topic interesting because I want to play a sport in college. 
I know that a full ride scholarship would pay for the athlete’s college tuition, food, housing, and their books. I also know that multiple hours are spent by the athlete practicing throughout the day and year. Athletes are expected by their coaches to practice before the season starts and after the season so that they can be the best that they can be for the team. With that being said, how do athletes ...view middle of the document...

This association was founded by Theodore Roosevelt in March 1906 in order to protect student-athletes. The NCAA continues to do this as well as focus on the athletics and the academic excellence of the athletes. The NCAA is made up of three membership classifications that all have their own rules: Division Ι, ΙΙ, and ΙΙΙ. The rules for each division are concerning the athlete’s personnel, amateurism, recruiting, eligibility, benefits, financial aid, and their practice seasons. As long as the NCAA has been around the athletes have never actually been paid with money, it has always been in scholarships. Current president of the NCAA Mark Emmert believes that it would be a bad idea to pay college athletes. He said that most university presidents think that it would be turning the athletes into “professionals.”
Athletes work hard every day to be the best that they can be and the best that they can all be together as a team. Every time that a player steps out on the court or field they risk getting career ending injuries. College athletes should be paid because they do not have time for jobs, the college makes money for their work, and America is built on a free market system.
College athletes have very limited free time. During most of the player’s free time, or the time that is not spent in classroom or practicing, they are going to be doing their homework that they have for their classes. All athletes are required by NCAA rules to maintain a specific grade point average. This grade point average varies depending on which division that the athletes play for. If the athlete does not sustain the required standards then they will not be eligible to play. With all of these requirements the athletes have to uphold, they rarely have any time for them, let alone have time to go to a job. Since most athletes will not have time for a job how are they expected to have any money? Although some athletes do have a meal plan that is part of their scholarship, others do not. Some players may come from poor families and are expected to pay for their own food and other necessities. Even players that are on a full ride scholarship still need money to pay for things as simple as soap, clothes, or gas. While some may argue that the athletes are being paid by getting a free education, others would disagree and say that it is not enough because it does not cover many things that are needed.
Colleges and universities make millions of dollars annually from college athletes. For example, think about how much money the University of Georgia makes just from one home football game. The University of Georgia’s stadium, Stanford Stadium, holds 92,756 people. All of the people that attend the game have paid for a ticket to watch the athletes play and will buy food and drinks throughout the game. The money that the fans pay to get into the game and the money that they spend during the game goes to the university’s athletic program. None of the money that is made during...

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