Compassion Fatigue Interventions Essay

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Patient Services/Intensive Care Nurses/Compassion Fatigue Intervention/BESt 173

Best Evidence Statement (BESt)
Date: July 17, 2013
Title: Decreasing Compassion Fatigue* among Pediatric Intensive Care Nurses Using Self-Care Skills* and Compassion
Fatigue Training*
Clinical Question:
P (Population/Problem)
I (Intervention)
C (Comparison)
O (Outcome)

Among pediatric intensive care nurses
does functional knowledge of compassion fatigue and the practice of self-care skills,
compared to not,
demonstrate less compassion fatigue?

Definitions for terms marked with * may be found in the Supporting Information section.

Target Population for the Recommendation:
Nurses working in ...view middle of the document...

After attending a compassion fatigue seminar, participants demonstrated significant increases (p = 0.001) in compassion
fatigue knowledge, and awareness of stress management resources (Meadors & Lamson, 2008 [4a]).
Interventions to address compassion fatigue, stress and burnout varied from study to study. A randomized control trial
showed coping intervention training lowered emotional exhaustion levels (p = 0.00), however, the levels increased again
after 6 months (Gunusen & Usten, 2010 [2a]). One meta-analysis looked at both work-directed and person-directed
interventions to decrease healthcare workplace stress (Marine et al., 2009 [1a]). Results indicated person-directed
interventions that included coping skills training, and work-directed interventions (changes to the work environment)
that included improved communication significantly decreased stress when compared to no intervention. Although
well-synthesized, most articles in this meta-analysis were small and graded as low quality, so the review provided limited
evidence to support the PICO question.
Two studies emphasized the inclusion of self-care training as an intervention to decrease burnout. Significant decreases
in emotional exhaustion (p < 0.0005) and depersonalization (p < 0.0005) were found after a course that included the use
of self-care discussion, relaxation, guided imagery, art, and wellness planning (Kravits, McAllister-Black, Grant, & Kirk, 10
[4a]). Meadors & Lamson (2008) [4a] showed that the low stress level participant group in their study had a significantly
higher incorporation of self-care practices (p = 0.001-0.003) as compared to the high stress level group.

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Patient Services/Intensive Care Nurses/Compassion Fatigue Intervention/BESt 173
Reference List:
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care units for children. Journal of Pediatric Health Care, 22(1), 24-34 [4a].
Applicability Issues:
Implementation of a compassion fatigue training program would require trained instructors...

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