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Comparsion Of Two Heroe Essay

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                                        Looking at the Mirrors of Two Heroes

Throughout each tale there has always been a hero, each completely different from another with their own flair. In the old times it was held that hero were the role models, the perfect courageous beings within their community. It’s no different that both Beowulf and Thomas Malory’s Sir Gawain were written upheld with these expectations, both deemed great heroes in these times the Angle-Saxon and Medieval period, respectfully. However, these men vary so greatly from each other especially from the attachment they have with the reader, along with their faith, traits, role in society and views.

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In the end, this foolish arrogant of pride is what lead to his downfall and ultimately, his demise.

While specify in the area of combat, both poems handle these descriptions of each fight differently. It’s known that Beowulf has fought in many battles in his lifetime; much was depicted by using great detail and imagery. An example is the underwater battlegrounds where “he raised his arms and seized her by the shoulder; anger doubled his strength, he threw her to the floor” in the battle against Grendel’s mother (Allen 54). From the beginning of Beowulf entering the marsh to where he unsheathed the sword, entirely everything was narrated in the epic poem. Although Sir Gawain’s capability with a sword is highly praised within the tale, his battles were never truly explain into depth. Generally the focus in Sir Gawain’s journey was his determination of living and pursuing thoroughly his code of chivalry is portrayed as much more important than his triumphs over villains.

Aside all these distinctions, it’s whom they serve...

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