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Comparisons Between Public Prisons And Private Prisons In The Us

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The United States is a country known to have highest incarceration rate throughout the world, with around 700 people per 100000 population and according to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), around 2.2 million adults were incarcerated in the US federal and state prisons, and county jails in 2013. The main reason is because of high-occurrence rate of criminal deviance happened. Based on the research, races and classes are two main factors caused criminal deviances. And based on the historical data, white and black arrested rate for murder and robbery are almost the same while white arrested by forcible rape and forgery more (Around 70%). But there’s a significance difference in ...view middle of the document...

Before comparing between public and private prisons, we should know that both of them are in the prison system and have the same aims, which are punish offenders, rehabilitate offenders, keep the public safe and provide structure to criminals. Since the increasing number of private prisons, the arguments between whether private prison or public prison is better never stops. But there’s one thing for sure, private prisons can exist and last for several decades with number increasing, there must be there advantage over public prisons:
 The first advantage, which is the one that private prison companies usually claims, is the cost-saving and cost-efficiency. The reason for that is, private prisons aren’t government run or regulated, so they have the ability to buy supplies and equipment in bulk and at lower prices with negotiation. And with private prisons, government can save enormous operational costs while private prisons are cost-efficiency and the per diem is calculated to be cheaper by $3.40 as one of the researches mentioned (Although the details of the research didn’t mentioned so we didn’t know if the comparison groups are logical).
 The second advantage is the quality and service of private prisons. But this can also be a disadvantage in opposite perspective which will be discussed about later. But the fact is, since it becomes a private industry, the competition exists and forces each of company to operate at a higher standard and at a cheaper rate to get contracts from the government. This results in more effective services and programs in private prisons (For example, 28% of private prison inmates on average participated in drug treatment programs while only 14% of public prison inmates participated). And another reason for this is the lower average capacity rate comparing to public prisons which is 82% against 113%.
 The third advantage is of community benefits. Even they don’t cost less in operating, the private prisons can bring large number of stable job opportunities and taxes income to local government. This is because the large amount number of inmates brings large income to the private prisons and benefits the general economy of the local community.
With these advantages, private prisons also have some disadvantages that usually criticized by critics and become the reasons for them to force the government close the private prisons. The disadvantages often criticized can be concluded as follows:
 The first disadvantage is the corruption problem and unreasonable quotes in the contracts. Since the income of private prisons mostly based on the occupancy of beds and they’re profit organizations, this will leads to a high level of corruption among owners and employees and also among the government. A research showed that 65 percent of the private prison contracts ITPI received and analyzed included occupancy guarantees in the form of quotas or required payments for empty prison cells which are called low-crime tax. This...

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