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Comparison Starter Essay

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Comparison of Lady Macbeth and Curley’s Wife.

Lady Macbeth is the wife of Macbeth written by William Shakespeare Lady Macbeth desires fame and power more than anything else. She shows a lot of control over Macbeth and is very manipulative towards him. Her desire for power becomes as a danger towards her, she has been driven to the point of becoming insane she cannot bare it no more and commits suicide. Lady Macbeth has been introduced through her own soliloquy which shows she has a lot of power in the role she owns. Curley’s wife is newly wedded to Curley in the novel Of Mice And Men written by John Steinbeck. Curley’s wife is very outgoing and desires attention, in trying to achieve this desire she’s ends up dead from the force Lennie’s big bear like hands. Curley’s wife has been introduced as a ‘tart’.

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Curleys Wife is introduced by candy as being a 'tart'. This shows the lack of respect given to Curleys Wife by the other workers within the ranch during the novel. The noun 'tart' makes her relationship seem as if it lacks trust from her needed obsessions.

They differ from the control they both hold over their husbands, Lady Macbeth has influence over Macbeth whereas Curleys Wife has no influence on Curley at all. During both time periods women were seen as inferior and were disrespected, Lady Macbeth contrast against the other women of her era. Within Act 1 Scene 7 Lady Macbeth refers her husband as being a coward, ‘like the poor cat I’ the adage?’ she is describing the cat that wants the fish but is too afraid to get its paws wet the cat is a coward and so is he. Curleys Wife tells Lennie ‘I get lonely’. This shows that the communication is low in their relationship and she is left all alone with no input to any situation. The adjective lonely describes her feelings and her desire for a friend. Although they differ in having influence or not over their husbands they are similar when they die their husbands show no emotion to the situation and carry on as normal by the end of both novel and play love was dead.

Another similarity between Lady Macbeth and Curleys wife is them both desiring for separate dreams both women are determined to get power and authority but each woman had different dreams; Curleys Wife dreamed of being an actress, having a name. ‘he says he was gonna put me in the movies’ she had the opportunity but failed and ended up marrying Curley being lonely, upset and nameless. Lady Macbeth pleads for power she says ‘come you spirits’ ‘unsex me here’ she asks for manly power she’d like to carry out the deed herself when killing king Duncan as her husband is to much of a coward to do so himself. Although Lady Macbeth does exceed when Macbeth kills Duncan the guilt leads her to insanity causing her death.

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