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SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 2014
1. Primary goal (What is the desired outcome?)
The primary goal of the author is to allow people to be free to worship and serve God better. In short the author wants to show the reader how to move from the mindset of “I want to be happy,” to a mindset of trying to be more like Christ (Crabb, 22).
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There are eight steps of biblical counseling. They are 1) Identify problem feelings (Crabb, 146). 2) Identify goal-oriented (problem) behavior (Crabb, 148). 3) Identify problem thinking (Crabb, 150).
4) TEACH (Crabb, 157). 5) Change the assumptions / clarify biblical thinking (Crabb, 152). 6) Secure Commitment to the change. 7) Plan the Difference / Carry out biblical behavior (Crabb, 154). 8) Identify Spirit-controlled biblical feelings (Crabb, 157).
5. Balance of theology and spirituality (Does the author lean more to theology or spirituality?)
The author leans more toward spirituality since everything in psychology is measured against how it lines up with the Bible. Biblical principles are the yardstick of validity. A sane lost person is still lost.
6. Human personality (development and structure)
The author attempts to see what makes humans tick.
7. Counselor’s function and role (What does the counselor/counselee relationship look like?)
There are 2 main goals of the Christian counselor: “(1) train gifted Christians in the local church to counsel; and (2) offer backup resources where needed” (Crabb, 17). To be able to effectively do this, the counselor must be a Believer and follower of Christ. Not only should the counselor be a Christian, they should know the Bible as well to be able to rightly divide the Word of God.
8. Major contribution to counseling (How does this theory impact counseling?)
The major contribution to counseling would be the author’s “Spoiling the Egyptians” approach. The reason this is such a major contribution is that it the best approach that is biblically based but still utilizing some theory from the psychological realm. The author’s own convictions are the basis of his approach. The author believes that God is the only true answer. We have a rebellion problem. The Bible is sufficient for anything we need. Psychology is not sufficient and it should fall under the authority of the Bible. The deepest problem we face is in the Christian community.
9. Limitations of this counseling theory (What are the practical boundaries of this methodology?)
One of the limitations of this type of counseling is that only benefits a Christian. If the counselee is not a Christian, how can there be authority and submission? Since one of the author’s goals is to help people be mature Christians, how can we help someone who does not want to be a mature Christian? It is not possible.
10. Classification (nouthetic, biblical, Christian, Christian psychology, integrational, etc.)
Since the author does use psychological theory as well as biblically based principles, the author would be considered both biblical and integrational. The author does not believe that Adams’ nouthetic, or confrontational, approach is sufficient. Instead, the author supports a paramuthetic, or supportive approach. The key is to be loving and supportive instead of confrontational (Crabb, 144).

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