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Comparison Paper

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As it stand the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are the oldest documents within the American government. Essentially these two documents hold such value because they had a helping hand in the establishment of America and delivered us our freedom from the British. Although both documents contain key information in regards to the independence of this country, they differ in a many ways. The United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence differ in their intended objectives and appeal. Since being established the United States Constitution has been the highest law of this country.
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Unlike the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution held more value in a way because it was the documentation established as the supreme law of the land its seven articles and 23 amendments indicated the way the country and its government would be ran. The first three articles with Article one being the longest of the seven, discussed the establishment of the national legislature that we now know as congress and its division into the senate and the house of representative because of the fear of placing too much power into the hands of one institution. In addition congress had the authority to pass any law that it deemed necessary to carry out the constitutional duties under the “necessary and proper clause” (Article 1). Article two and three discuss the establishment of an executive branch which is headed by the president and his vice president as well as the qualifications and powers they hold in office, while granting the president with the power to come to agreements with other nations (Article 20), and instructs that federal judiciary powers are placed in the hands of the Supreme Court as instructed by congress and specifies which cases may fall under federal court jurisdiction (Article 3). Articles four through seven address issues relating to the relations between the states, the ability to amend the constitution and supremacy and ratification of the constitution. In addition since its ratification in 1788, the United States constitution has been amended twenty-seven times, with the first ten being well known as the bill of rights, it was written by James Madison as a response to cries from states seeking protection of individual liberties and thus on the bill of rights was created listing specific prohibition of governmental power (Bill of Rights Institute, 2015).
Of the two documents that hold such high value in American history the Declaration of Independence preceded the U.S constitution. Eleven years after Americas Sovereignty when fear for the countries future came into play was when Congress called for an assembly of all states to revise what was then known as the Articles of Confederations and on September of 1787 it was returned as the United states constitution (
Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury...

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