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Comparison Of The Buyer Decision Proccess Of Two Recent Mobile Home Purchas

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The Buyer Decision Process: What It Is All AboutThe buyer decision process is the steps the consumer takes before and after making a purchase. There are five stages to this process, realization that there is a need, a search for information, evaluation of alternatives, the decision to purchase, and post purchase behavior (Armstrong & Kotler, 2007). In the following paragraphs I have taken two subjects who have recently purchased used mobile homes. I will discuss the buyer decision process they went through in making their decision. I will compare and contrast each aspect of the process, and discuss some of the personal characteristics that went into the final decision. I will also ...view middle of the document...

It was then that she discovered that even with a co-signer would be unable to acquire financing. So she started looking at even cheaper ones, finding one for $10,000. This one needed a lot of work, it was a fixer upper. Keeping that trailer in mind she still looked at others. It was then that she came across a mobile home for $6,000. The cheaper mobile home was recently remodeled, and though it was kind of small it was nice. After talking with the owner, subject #1 made a mental connection with him so he lowered the price to $5,000 just for her. Talking it over with her friends that she had brought along, they decided it was a good deal, and the park was situated in an area she wanted to remain. So she bought the $6,000 mobile home for $5,000. It was not an ideal choice for her, but was within her budget. She has no regrets in her decision as it is exactly what she expected when she bought it, and the compromise of not putting herself back into a debt she could not afford was worth it. The only post purchase regret she has is not being able to afford something nicer.Subject #2 is a divorced 65 year old female, living in Kissimmee Florida by herself. She is currently employed by Disney and has a yearly income range of $30,000 to $40,000. She has recently bought a 1990 Jacobson mobile home located in a 40+ community to live in. Her decision to move came when she realized she was in over her head in debt, and wanted to be able to retire soon. Being of retirement age she wanted to be debt free before she did. So in order to pay off all her bills, and still have money to purchase a home, she decided to sell her house and buy a mobile home in the price range of $40,000 to $65,000. Not being in a big hurry, she took her time driving through different mobile home parks, and searching the internet to help her locate what she was looking for. She was looking for a nice size mobile home, with a layout she liked, in an adult community, near shopping malls, and work. She narrowed her search to four mobile homes that she really liked. The first being $69,000 was a little out of her price range, so she ruled it out. The second was a 1986 model that was only $42,000; it was a nice mobile home in good shape, in a nice park. She did not like the fact that the washer and dryer were out in the shed, and realized she would have trouble insuring the place because of the age of the home. After talking it over with family and friends, she decided against it. The third home was a gorgeous mobile home with a layout she loved for $55,000. After putting money down on this home she realized, even though the park was a 55+ community, she did not like it, or the lot the trailer was on. There was no landscaping, no carport, and the driveway was not paved. So she decided on the fourth and final trailer. The 1990 Jacobson had a large carport, hurricane shutters, and a great layout. It was located in a 40+ community that she found pleasing and the lot was very well landscaped,...

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