Comparison Of Hamlet And The Lion King

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In The Lion King, Minkoff and Allers present a clear difference between good and evil, whereas Shakespeare’s depiction of good and evil character in Hamlet is not so clear. The characters in The Lion King are categorised almost immediately in the orientation of the film, with the image of the characters giving the audience a clear picture of who the suspected betrayer is. However in the play Hamlet it’s a lot more difficult to label the characters as good or evil, the audience cannot be certain that Claudius is evil until the climax when he reacts to the play organised by Hamlet.
There is a clear distinction between good and bad in The Lion King, this makes the audience highly suspect ...view middle of the document...

It is clear that Minkoff and Allers, and Shakespeare, have presented their characters in difficult ways because of the vastly diverse audience of their younger viewers so that they can understand the differences of characters.
Shakespeare’s Hamlet explores the idea of justice in a very different way to The Lion King. In Hamlet, justice is portrayed more similarly to revenge. In The Lion King justice refers to the punishment or defeat of the wrong doers, the people who do that wrong thing such as Scar must pay the price and in his case death was right just. In The Lion King Scar murders his older brother, attempts to kill his nephew Simba and displays himself to be shady and untrustworthy. Scar is the only wrongdoing individual that dies in the film; although the film portrays the hyenas to be evil they were merely used by scar. The hyenas can also be labelled as victims of Scar’s mistrust and evilness; this brings the conclusion that Scar was really the only evil character in the film. Throughout the film Simba is led to believe that he caused his father’s death, but luckily at the conclusion of the film Scar confesses that he killed Mufasa and Simba is rightfully made king. On the other hand, in Hamlet everyone that had done something bad was killed, but as a result of their action two innocent characters are also killed.
Hamlet dies at the conclusion of the play, as a result of his wrong doing for killing Polonius and being the major influence of Ophelia’s death. This is the use of fate in a tragedy because as a famous commonly used quote says: two wrongs don’t make a right. Justice may not always be served instantly but fate will eventually take its toll on whoever does something bad. An...

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