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Comparison Of Eastern And Western Philosophy

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The search for knowledge has been a major journey since the beginning of time. As a result, the Greeks invented philosophy. The term philosophy comes from the Greek word philein, which means “love” and sophia, which means “knowledge” or “wisdom” (Axia College of University of Phoenix, 2010). Anyone who sought knowledge in any area was thought to be a philosopher. Therefore, not only were Westerns philosophers, but Easterns too.
Western and Eastern philosophers have similarities and differences in varying degrees, but there are four basic types: methodical, the systematic order; metaphysical, the nature and fundamental properties of being; epistemological, the sources, nature, limits, and ...view middle of the document...

Socrates maintained that true knowledge exists in the Forms. Each individual has a perfect set of Forms that is remembered (anamnesis) in their immortal soul (Axia College of University of Phoenix, 2010). Therefore, to remember the Forms is to “know” absolute truth (knowledge) and become just and wise. For example, a verse from the Bible comes to mind in which Jesus answers a question regarding the way from Thomas. Jesus says, “I am the way the truth and the life” (John 14:6). In mentioning the verse we find the meaning of absolute truth. Within this rational, the metaphysics of “being” is being manifested and the objectivity of truth is being recognized. Using the Socratic Method using systematic questioning the verse was broken down into questions in order to come up with the desired answer. In other words, Thomas asked a series of questions and as a result Jesus gave an answer that is based on absolute truth.
Outside of truth, Socrates was concerned with the meaning of words that signify ethical behavior. He held that any person who possessed knowledge of virtue could not fail to behave virtuously. Thus, Socrates believed that ignoble behavior, if not the result of insanity, is always the result of ignorance (Axia College of University of Phoenix, 2010).
Likewise, Lao Tzu’s view of humankind is like Socrates in one aspect. Both believed the wisest of humans is still ignorant (Axia College of University of Phoenix, 2010). They held that acting on ignorance under the pretense that it is...

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