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Comparison Of An Effective And Not Effective Print Ad

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Comparison Between Two ‘Retail’ Print Ads – By Belle James, 998 words
Advertisements are an extremely effective way of selling a company’s product or service, as they have the ability to deliver the campaign’s key messages to a wider group of people within a small amount of time. However, an effective ad needs to use the correct techniques and tactics appropriate for their intended target market, in order to successfully achieve their campaign’s advertising objectives.
The following essay will analyse two print adverts, one that is effective, and one that is not. The first ad that I found to be quite clever, and as a result effective was one for Lynx’s ‘Lynxjet’ Deodorant Spray. The second ...view middle of the document...

The ad is simple, but effective and communicates the message successfully using humour and great visuals. It has offered enough information for the consumer, as it features the Lynxjet logo at the bottom left of the page. The ad plays on men’s emotions, and has created a fantasy that they too have the potential to attract beautiful women. This is a clever tactic as it creates hype and as a result will help the target audience remember the brand, and hopefully persuade them to choose Lynx over a competitor.
On the contrary, Clinque’s ad wasn’t very impressive. The single creative proposition for this campaign is that Clinique are trying position themselves as a professional and clinical skincare brand. This has been portrayed via the mention of expert research and use of medical jargon, ‘after a decade of dermatological research, three patented technologies arrive to visibly correct wrinkles and UV damage’. It is also communicated through the use of scientific tools, the pipettes. The silver bottle looks professional and expensive, however the company have focused more on the packaging and emphasis of information, rather than helping the audience see results in order to believe in the product.
The target market for this campaign would be women aged 35+, who value appearance treating visible signs of aging. These women would have a reasonable income, as they’re age indicates they’re possible high education level, and can therefore afford cosmetic treatments such as skincare. Clinique’s advertising objectives for this particular print include the following:
a. Inform potential consumers about the great effects of using the product
b. Make the product look expensive and be perceived as an elite and prestigious brand
c. Deliver enough information about product

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