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Comparison Matrix Paper

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This essay will compare two articles that will conclude how personality and skills are essential in being a good leader. The premise for each article all had the same hypothesis in mind, with regard to effective leadership. The studies that will be compared will be “Personality traits, management styles & conflict management in a military unit” by Salimi, Karaminia, and Esmaeili (2011) and “The leadership skills strataplex: Leadership skill requirements across organizational levels” by Mumford, Campion, and Morgeson (2007). A comparison of the research questions, sample population, and limitations will be discussed.
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Research Questions
Salimi and colleagues (2011) wanted to investigate the relationship between personalities, leadership style and conflict management with regard to their relationship in a military unit. Styles that were investigated included imperative compulsory management style, imperative benevolence-consultative style and participatory style. Following these styles, extroversion, openness, compatibility, neuroticism, conscientiousness, solution seeker, controller and incompatible personality traits were discussed.
Mumford and colleagues (2007) geared their research around the strataplex model, which included four assumptions. (H1): They hypothesized that leadership skill requirements would vary by skill type such that basic leadership skill requirements will be the highest, followed by supervisory, managerial, and executive leadership skills respectively. As for their second theory and or hypothesis, (H2): they wanted to investigate whether the overall leadership skill requirements will be positively related to job levels. Thirdly, (H3): hypothesized how basic, supervisory, managerial, and executive leadership skill requirements will be positively related to the job’s level in the organization.
Lastly, they hypothesized on four different levels of organizational skill type. (H4): Leadership skill requirement type will interact with organizational level such that: (H4a): Executive leadership skill requirements will be more positively related to organization level than basic, supervisory, or managerial leadership skill requirements. (H4b): Managerial leadership skill requirements will be more positively related to organizational level than basic or supervisory leadership skill requirements. (H4c): Supervisory leadership skill requirements will be more positively related to organizational level than basic leadership skill requirements.
Sample Population
Salimi and colleagues (2011), conducted their study population with all senior managers in a military unit. They used the Morgan table to determine their sample size which was equal to 200 individuals who were selected by available sampling method. Mumford and colleagues (2007) used a sample population consisting of 1,023 professional employees in an international agency of the U.S. Government. The employees were all from different corporate ladders within the organization, which included junior, midlevel, and senior in leadership-related jobs. Both of these studies used senior leaders and or managers in their study to get their proper result.
Salimi and colleagues found that the advisory-benevolent imperative leadership style was the most frequent style and well-matched personality. They found that it was also the most observed characteristic. The extrovert personality had positive relation with participatory management style. They found a significant positive relationship between the extrovert personality and management style score. As well as a relation...

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