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Comparison Essay

807 words - 4 pages

Joshua McDonald
Professor Lesnick
English 101
Bye TV

In society today, many people’s eyes are glued to the television. It is constantly within the reach of the general public. Throughout the world, television has not only become an important part of our everyday lives, but especially the media that is apart of it. Unfortunately, television isn’t always used in a way by which people receive the best possible benefits. Television does allow for cultural experiences amongst each other to be shared, and it features news and current events which allow for people to be more aware of other cultures. However, although there are benefits to watching television in ...view middle of the document...

We have truly left the days without technology were people actually had to walk over to people’s houses to talk rather then send a quick text. Social interacting is very important for the development of everyone especially that of children. Through social interaction, children are able to create a sense of self identity and learn expectations of other people. While learning expectations of others, you also pick up on appropriate behaviors such as sharing and cooperating. It is a shame that we are spending almost double the amount of time watching TV than we are socializing with people. As a whole, people have seemed to have forgotten what it is like to talk with people face-to-face.

Although watching television does take away from the must needed social interaction, we all need our down time. Resarch isn’t needed to tell you “to be truly productive, you cannot work every hour of the day. You need downtime – and that doesn’t mean doing chores in between answering emails”(Luke). Allowing for yourself to have that free time to do whatever you would like to do allows for you to be more productive in times where you need to be focused. As much as it seems like television provides numerous negative examples, that is not always the case. There...

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