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Comparison Between Tell Tale Heart And American Psycho

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A comparison between A Tell-Tale Heart and American Psycho
A Tell-Tale heart is about a man and his urge to kill another man. American Psycho is about a man and his urge to kill other people. The two protagonists are both insane and dealing with a comprehensive problem. There is one slight distinction between them; Patrick Bateman's victims are in plural, the narrator in A Tell-Tale Heart's victim is in singular. Bateman kills people for his own satisfaction, the nameless narrator does it because of his urge to get rid of an eye.
Patrick Bateman and the nameless narrator both feel the judgement or "the eye" of the antagonist. This force them to do very drastic actions in order to control their psychological problems. The main character in American Psycho appears ...view middle of the document...

He doesn't see himself as a real person, and all the people he meets and talks to never get an idea of the real monster that hides inside him. The only way you can meet Patrick Bateman, is if he kills you. This is getting confirmed several times through the movie/novel. The homicides he commit look all the same. First, the victim is meeting the fake P. Bateman, he is nice to them, and acts normally. As the night goes on, he changes his mood, from almost irritating normal to a twisted psychopath. This change is very similar to the way the narrator in A Tell-Tale Heart kills his victims. The narrator takes care of the old man, and is actually described as a friend of the old man. The old man would never suspect the narrator of wanting to kill him, just like P. Batemans's victims. They trust him, and that is for a reason; both of the main characters play an excellent act, and have some kinds of ulterior motives about everything they do.
The eye and most of the people in New York City. The nameless narrator can't stand the eye. Patrick Bateman can't stand most of the people in New York City. Both of the characters have something they hate, and must get rid of. The narrator describes the old man and his eye as a disease; "The disease had sharpened my senses - not destroyed - not dulled them."(p.1, The Tell-Tale Heart). The narrator is using the eye as some kind of excuse for his mental situation, trying to convince himself that he is not mad. Patrick Bateman is using his hate, and all the things that annoys him about the victim as an excuse for killing, but he is not trying to convince himself about if his bad or mad, he is well aware that he is bad.
The murder presented in each story both has something that they can't live with, the only difference between them is that the nameless narrator is mad, and P. Bateman is bad.

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