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Comparison Between Maslow And Skinner Essay

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Comparison between Maslow and Skinner
Rhonda Gardner
Educational Psychology
July 1, 2012

Comparison and Contrast between
Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory
Burrhus Frederic Skinner Behaviorist Theory
B. F. Skinner and Abraham Maslow both are well known in the field of Psychology, but not all psychologist believe in the same theories, perspectives or needs. Here we have two brilliant minds with two different theories when it comes to learning. While neither is wrong, they both have a tremendous impact in the classroom. Take a look at the cart below and compare Skinner’s and Maslow’s theories.
Theories and Needs | Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs | Skinner ...view middle of the document...

| Differences: Skinner believed that behavior is based on reward and punishment. Maslow believed that if the basic needs are not meet, behavior issues arise. |

Maslow’s herarchy of needs are from the most basic to the higher needs. These needs are Physiological needs food, shelter, water, warmth. Safety needs are security, stability, freedom of fear. Belonging and Love needs friends, family, spouse or lover. Self-Esteem needs achievement, mastery, recognition, respect. Self-Actualization needs pursue inner talent, creativity, and fulfillment. Maslow believed that in order for the person to be “well rounded” so to speak all of these needs need to be met. (McLeod 2007) Once these needs are meet the student should not have any reasons for their behavior to be less than acceptable. Skinner believed that in order to have control in the classroom the teacher must assert positive reinforcement. Both of these theories set a positive atmosphere for learning within the classroom. The teachers must clearly specify what is expected from the students in order for them to reach their goals in learning and to achieve academic success. (Skinner 1981)
Maslow and Skinner both believed that in order for students to learn they must be given information that is age appropriate for the learner. Maslow and skinner also, agreed that learning should be done is small amounts according to the child’s ability, praise and reward is given often while continuing the activity, as the student becomes older less praise is given and not needed as much as a young student. Skinner believed that the motivation of the learning comes from positive reinforcement and Maslow believes that leaning comes from all the needs being met. In Maslow’s theory the students need to have basic needs meet for in order to become productive learners. I do believe this from seeing some of my students who do not get proper nutrition or have a good loving home. Their behavior...

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