Comparison And Contrast Of The Lottery And The Destructors

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The Lottery vs. The Destructors

Comparison and Contrast of The Lottery and The Destructors

Elyse Carbajal

Liberty University

The Lottery vs. the Destructors


In The Destructors by Graham Greene and The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson’s, the authors produce stories filled with irony, grim reality, which is filled with symbolism. Moreover, they mask evil, which ultimately showcases how individuals sightlessly follow tradition.


I. Introduction

II. Setting
A. Time Period
B. Setting

III. Plot
A. Messages
B. Moral

IV. Characters
A. Main Characters
B. Traits of Characters

V. Tone of Stories
A. Point of View
B. Tone, Style

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116). Likewise Greene's literary piece is postwar London, “The gang used to meet every morning in an impromptu car park, the site of the last bomb of the first blitz” (Greene, 1990, p.3). There are no insinuations of foreshowing of any act of violence as a ritual murder or destruction of the house. Moreover, the setting of the fictions seems to greatly influence the characters. In The Lottery for instance, a traditional ritual is performed almost for seventy-seven-years amongst disturbing piles of stones gathered by all citizens of the villages, which metaphorically symbolize violence. In contrast to Jackson's story, The Destructors, youths meet and haphazardly play in a residence where a bomb was recently dropped. While lingering among the wreckage of destruction, the young characters become enticed to act violently.
As the plot of the stories develops, the greater influence of violent tensions becomes conspicuous. In The Lottery, individuals follow the tradition despite its barbarity and folly. Despite the inhumanity of the ritual, the inhabitants of the village do not seem to see how savage it is because “there’s always been a lottery” (Jackson, 1982, p. 118). Nevertheless, the tension swells when the lottery begins and every citizen is waiting for its end. The climactic moment of the story grows when the reader discovers that Tess Hutchinson is a winner, but what is more mysterious and bizarre is the fact that is she does not agree with the result. It is apparent that, the prize of the lottery something rewarding rather it is a manifestation of genuine evil. In contrast, The Destructors also sheds light on primarily harmless childish pranks that gradually escalate to destruction and ruin. Due to the depravations of previous childhood preoccupations, the young males squander their innocence. Therefore, the good intentions to save Mr. Thomas an elderly man from his unhappy reality, the Wormsley Common Gang attempts to destroy his home. It is not strange that boys who face destruction and violence on daily basis take that role model and attempt to ruin things, which are valuable. Therefore, The Destructors, as well as The Lottery, depicts disapproval of anything beautiful and worth such as human life and a two hundred-year-old house.
These two fictional pieces have a bizarre...

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