Comparison And Contrast Drinking Articles Essay

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Comparison and Contrast:
“Too Many Colleges are in Denial about Alcohol Abuse” and “The Battle of the Binge”

“Too Many Colleges are in Denial about Alcohol Abuse” and “The Battle of the Binge” are both two unique pieces of writing that dig deep into the aspects of consuming alcohol, and drinking too much of it, referred to as “binge drinking.” They acknowledge the fact that drinking alcohol itself in proper moderation is not bad, but the abuse of alcohol is. “Too Many Colleges are in Denial about Alcohol Abuse” is similar to “The Battle of the Binge” by pinpointing drinking in college specifically, and stressing the problems related to binge drinking and how the change is going to be ...view middle of the document...

The two writings make it clear that the number of binge drinkers whom are attending a university or college is becoming extremely high, creating a dilemma in the United States.
The two articles are also similar in a way that they both place emphasis on the complications and problems that can be acquired from binge drinking, and how it is going to be very difficult to change this situation. In “Too Many Colleges are in Denial about Alcohol Abuse,” it is declared that “alcohol abuse is a common, not a marginal, activity at most colleges and we only fool ourselves if we expect marginal efforts to reduce it” (Wechsler 336). The essay further explained the problems related to binge drinking, that those who binge drink are “seven to ten times more likely as non-binge drinkers to fail to use protection when having sex, to engage in unplanned sexual activity, to get into trouble with campus police, to damage property, or to suffer an injury” (Wechsler 338). “The Battle of the Binge,” states it is “going to require some larger cultural changes that will make us see the irony, even cruelty, of infantilizing certain young adults…”(Hitt 342). The author believes that moderate drinking has disappeared among students and because alcohol is so restricted, it only worsens the outcomes. He introduces his nephew in his article, explaining, “he knew two students who had died – falling off a cliff, blood poisoning – and five others who had been paralyzed or seriously injured in car accidents because of binging” (Hitt 341). The little details between these works are distinctive, but “Too Many Colleges are in Denial about Alcohol Abuse” and “The Battle of the Binge” both agree that the problems occurring from students are serious and drastic measures must be made to assure that they will not happen again.
“Too Many Colleges are in Denial about Alcohol Abuse” is different than “The Battle of the Binge” because it uses the persuasive technique of logos more throughout the entirety of the essay than “The Battle of the Binge.” “Too Many Colleges are in Denial about Alcohol Abuse” uses statistics from a various amount of sources, including the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Harvard University, New York Times, Journal of the American Medical Association, Southern Illinois institute, and American Council on Education. The authors take these statistics and relate them to students in order to gain attention to the material being presented, for example: “a study done in 1993 by the Institute for Social Research of the University of Michigan found that 40 percent of the college students...

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