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Comparison And Contrast Essay

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Thaddeus Walker
Comparison and Contrast Essay
Ms. LaCroix
24 February, 2012
No Heart No Liver
For this paper, I reviewed two fairy tales Grimm’s” Little Snow White” and “Gold Tree Silver Tree “two different versions of the same fairy tale. I found both stories enjoyable and having a lot of moral values. They both contain key characters that we can relate to in our lives to a certain extent and, just like most fairy tales good triumphs over evil and everyone lives happily ever after. Although they reach the same destination both stories take different paths. I will summarize an express my interpretation of both stories.
“Gold Tree Silver Tree” is set in Scotland in the 1800’s. The ...view middle of the document...

“Snow White” does not give us a place for a setting only that it is winter. Snow White mother dies shortly after giving birth to her. Her father remarried a very beautiful but spiteful woman that wanted to kill Snow White because of her beauty. The stepmother was so envious of Snow White’s beauty that she hired a huntsman to kill her and to bring back her lungs and liver as a keepsake. Once the huntsman saw how beautiful she was he could not bear to slay the child and ordered her to retreat into the great forest. Running she stumbled onto a cottage in the woods. The cottage belonged to seven dwarfs that dug in the mountains. The dwarves let Snow White stay as long as she agreed to do their chores for them. When the stepmother found that Snow White was still alive she was furious and set on a journey to kill her once and for all. Snow White being young and naïve was tricked by her stepmother several times each time falling victim to the queen’s evil schemes. Every time the dwarves were there to save her. Finally the queen made a poisonous apple that no one could resist. She tricked Snow White in to eating it putting her in to a coma. The dwarves came home and found her lifeless body on the floor. They decided that she was too beautiful to put in the ground. So they put her in a glass case so they could admire her beauty. One day the king’s son came through the forest and stumbled upon the beautiful Snow White looking as if she were sleeping and told the dwarves he would happily give them whatever they desired if he could have Snow White. They agreed and the king’s servants carried the coffin home. Luck happened to wake Snow White from her coma and the prince happily married her. The stepmother very upset to hear Snow White is alive decides to attend the wedding and this is where the evil queen dances her last dance literally.
Within the two tales lie many similarities. Both mothers are jealous of their daughter’s beauty even though the queens are beautiful outside their envious and deceitful ways make them unsightly. There is an element of nature playing a key role in both stories. In “Snow White” the daughter escapes into the wild and stumbles upon the dwarves’ house. In “Gold Tree Silver...

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