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Comparison Among African Americans And Women In America

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You walk twelve miles before daylight just to see your children before you go to work in the field for the day hoping you will get back in time. The situation described above is an example of one type of oppression that African Americans had to deal with as we brought them over from Africa and forced them to work on plantations as slaves. This is just one type of oppression American men and women have had to endure. Women have fought for civil rights predominantly since the early- to mid-nineteen hundreds. Society denied women voting rights and the ability to hold professional titles. These obstacles were among the many challenges they had to endure and overcome. Many artists have portrayed ...view middle of the document...

This included "The Veteran in a New Field," 1865. He depicted an American man in a field mowing wheat.African Americans were not the only group discriminated against and oppressed. Women found themselves unequal to men in all aspects of their lives. They did not have the same voting rights and they were socialized to believe their opinions did not matter, so they did not voice their opinions. Often enough women found themselves supporting the views of their husbands or other male relatives. This was not because it was how they felt in general, but it was proper to back your husband and family regardless of your opinions.In Kate Chopin's tale entitled "The Storm", Clarisse was following society in being proper by allowing her husband access to her sexually. She did not actually enjoy being submissive to his wants and needs. At one point in the story, she had the mindset, "Devoted as she was to her husband, their intimate conjugal life was something which she was more than willing to forego for a while" (Norton 1607). Many women experienced this type of oppression as an American. They were also required to be submissive to their husband in every aspect of their lives. Occasionally some women would go against the beliefs of society to make a point they were not going to follow the rules someone else laid out for them. One example of this would be Calixta in the same story as Clarisse. Calixta was a women who Clarisse's husband, Alcee, at one time...

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