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Comparison Essay

2212 words - 9 pages

Comparative Study

In partial Fulfillment of the Course
HRML 80: Rooms Division Management
And Control System

Submitted by:

Group 7

Lee Marvin B. Lagarde
Van Albert B. Cuadra

September 19, 2012

I. Introduction

Room division management and control system understands of the necessity for controls in rooms division and requirement to supervise this operation of a hotel front office and housekeeping. Room division is divided into two department the front office and housekeeping
The housekeeping department must prepare the rooms for incoming guests as soon as possible. The executive housekeeper is the head of housekeeping and therefore directly ...view middle of the document...

This central location places it within easy reach of the city's main thoroughfares and also the MRT and LRT train stations. Adding convenience in travel, the hotel is also within 20 minutes away from the domestic and international airports.Kabayan Hotel has 3 branches, in Cubao, Mandaluyong, and in Pasay City.
This kind of hotel is a known being kind and religious. The establishment is composing a total of 311 rooms. The hotel also has a Sala Restaurant, Pinoy Star Café, Function Room, business lounge and also a Worship hall. Kabayan Hotel Pasay offers Dorm, Solo Flat, Twin Flat, Solo Pad, Twin Pad, Premium A & B, Deluxe A & B and a Family type of rooms. In this hotel you can experience a nice and comfort accommodation comes with a pleasant and friendly worker that will serve and gives you a satisfaction.
Sensible accommodations don't just end with comfortable lodgings. It should extend outside the walls of every guestroom and reflect each aspect of your stay. Save more than just your money with Kabayan Hotel Pasay in Pasay City, Philippines. In addition to refreshing and cozy rooms, feel the warmth of a leisurely visit as our staff attends to you with a touch of famed Filipino hospitality. Avoid the hassles of being away from home as our facilities and location bring every need and diversion within your reach. Don’t settle for anything less and experience true value at Kabayan Hotel Pasay.
Initially one of the first four cities of Metro Manila, Pasay City, Philippines bore witness to the historic transitions and developments of its metropolis. Having made way for growth while preserving its rich heritage, it is now the home to some of the region's prominent and most visited landmarks.

We are Godly host evangelizing and disciplined people serving as God’s instruments, vessel and wellspring of his Love, Joy, Peace and Grace
To Blessed our OFW’s and Provincial-Based Guest with Godly “PUSONG PINOY” accommodation and hosting experience that will build restore or strengthen their faith, hope and love in God, there by inspiring them to blessed and victorious lines.
Central Task
To cultivate heart that love God and ardently desire to care, bless and serve.
Core Values
C=- Commitment to costumers delight Hosting
H= Honesty and Humidity
R= Right Relationship First
I = Industrious and Innovativeness
S= Sense of Urgency in Services
T= Total Team Work.

B. Kalipayan Hotel

Registered Name: Kalipayan Resort, & Hotel, Inc.
Location: Km. 29 E. Aguinaldo Hi – way Brgy. Salitran II, Dasmarinas, Cavite
Year Established: 2000

Fung Lok Restaurant formerly as Pahiyas based on the Coastal Road in Paranaque, suddenly after four years in operation it was transferred in Dasmarinas, Cavite and it was called the Fung Lok Restaurant & Oak Realty & Development Corporation and the hotel rooms was formerly as apartel for long staying guests regardless...

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