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Comparing Two Religions Essay

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Comparison of Two Religions
Amanda Sutton
Prof. Josiah Harry
World Religions

There are many different religions today all over the world. Particularly in India there are several religions that have impacted India and other areas deeply. There are two religions that originated and populated in India that has several similarities and also has their individualities. Buddhism and Jainism are two different religions that also share some common values and practices.
Jainism began in India during the sixth century. (Ajmera, 2008)Many signs of Jainism have been traced back to the Indus Valley civilization; just as well as many other Indian religious traditions have developed ...view middle of the document...

Jains are strict vegetarians who treat each and every thing with great care. Another central Jain ideal is Aparigraha, nonattachment to things and people. (Fisher, 2011) Jains generally require very little living necessities. They keep it to a bare minimum because they feel possessions possess us. They believe limiting their consumption of things will open up an opportunity to minimize hunger, poverty and any other environmental declination.
Buddhism began in Northern India around the fifth century. It was said to have been founded by Prince Siddhartha Gautama, who was infamously known and referred to as the Buddha. Buddhism is often referred to as a nontheistic religion. (Fisher, 2011) There is no personal God or gods that can be directly prayed to. Many followers of Buddha have the Dharma to guide them
Buddhist took part in a systematic approach to gain total liberation. The Noble Eightfold Path to Liberation helped Buddhist believe they can live a happy life if they obeyed Buddha’s way. The goal of Buddha practice was to achieve a desirable state of mind. Buddhist participates in deep meditations that include mantras and Mudras. Buddhists also celebrate Magha Puja Day or Sangha day. It commemorates a major event early in Buddha’s teachings in the form of a parade. Buddhism also takes part in pilgrimages. This is when they take time to visit places that are sacred to Buddha and its teachings. The most common pf places are the birth place of Guatama Buddha in Nepal, and the place where he gained his enlightenment in Bodh Gaya.
Although Buddhism was born in the fifth century, Jainism evolved almost a century later using similar teachings and some different. Both of these religions are extreme...

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