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Comparing The Effectiveness Of Internet Search Engines

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Comparing The Effectiveness of Internet Search Engines

There are various search engines located on the Internet, which allow for numerous amounts of information to be recovered. The search engines I focused on are: Findwhat, Google, Webcrawler, Excite, Lycos, and Northern Light. While using these search engines my searches focused on topics of Ghana, teach abroad, and computer lesson plans.
On results are ranked on an open bidding system. Higher paid advertisements are closer to the top of the search engines. provides built in filters, which can be activated if necessary. There is a limited amount of information on requested search topics. The number ...view middle of the document...

One impressive feature excite has is its global access to countries like Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan and UK. This option allows users who speak different languages to have the same opportunity to information as English speaking users. Searches for the following information are as follows: Ghana- over 100, teach abroad- over 100, and computer lesson plans- over 100. is affiliated with excite and provides many of the same features. Webcrawler allows you to find information in specific areas such as the web, news, photos or in all topics. Webcrawler also has the ‘zoom in’ feature which allows you to refine your search. Webcrawler also has sponsored links from
Lycos is a popular search engine with similar features provided by Excite. Lycos contains a site map which provides the user with information related to the web sites options. Lycos divides its searches into topics like, feature listings, popular, web site categories and web site web results. Lycos also provides search guards to screen out adult, violent, hate and weapon related materials. Lycos...

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