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Comparing Romeo And Juliet And The West Side Story

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Comparing Romeo and Juliet and The West Side Story

Romeo and Juliet, the West Side Story, both amazing stories both end
in tragedy, one more some on less. They were both different, yet based
on the same story line. There were a lot of similar things and a lot
of different things. You will soon learn the differences, the
similarities and the different atmosphere within each story.

Romeo and Juliet takes place in a time, where guns and basic
engineering had not been introduced. Where swords and daggers were
used to enforce law. And disobeying the law would get you hung, or
banished. Within this world, to families with a ravage feud, disrupted
the ...view middle of the document...

The West Side Story takes place in a time where racism was a growing
problem. It took place in the depths of New York. In a run down part
of town, where there is no rich, only poor. Where kids are tortured on
the streets, by gangs. The gang which supposedly owns the town is
known as the Jets. They are feared by many, but not the Sharks. The
Sharks is another gang, a new one the members consist of no girls like
the jets. But when the jets are American, these juveniles are Puerto
Rican. None the less, in this time and age, there are guns and general
engineering. The law is enforced by police. A former member of the
Jets meets a girl, she is beautiful beyond reasoning, and while
looking at her he can focus on none else. His name was Tony, her name
Maria. All though they don't know this yet each other, they feel as if
they were destined to meet. Maria's boyfriend Chino slips her mind, as
she is focused on Tony. She doesn't know his name, but doesn't care
she is too deeply in love and knows he is as well. Tony walks toward
her, not knowing not caring. This is what he had been waiting for,
something big just around the corner. They fell in love like
quicksilver, but soon found that they were each others enemies but it
was too late. Later that night Tony made his way to Maria's apartment
he found her their, and proposed his love. Although they never
married, they acted as if they were. Soon Maria finds out about a gang
war, and tells Tony to go...

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