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Comparing Newspaper Articles

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Comparing Newspaper Articles
I have decided to do my assignment (in which I have to compare two
newspaper articles) on the very controversial and interesting story of
the arrival of Mr Jean-Marie le pen, who came to Britain in order to
support the far right racist political party by the name of the BNP
(British national party) and the political stir it caused on the
streets of Britain.

My comparison will look at how the different political British
newspapers portray different stories, which can be affected greatly by
which party a particular newspaper supports. I will be carefully
writing about any antitheses or political “bias”

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As the guardian newspaper is aimed at an intellectual audience it is
much more informative and lets the reader decide what is true or false
or who is to blame for a particular incident being reported etc, most
stories featured in the guardian are about world events, things which
the target audience are interested in such as business, finance etc
and don’t have much to much do with showbiz, entertainment or
celebrities. As far as politics is concerned the guardian is a left
wing socialist newspaper which supports the current British government
(which is labour), and promotes their views and ideas.

On the other hand The Daily Express is a very modern, colourful daily
tabloid paper, which contains a very wide variety of reports and
stories on a range of subjects like celebrities, showbiz, politics,
world events sports etc, it only has one story on the front page but
has a large strip advertising another
story/report/review/poster/competition that is featured inside the
paper, it has a very big headline that takes up a significantly large
amount of the page and a single image, the daily express only has 2/3
columns of short text and is very straight and to the point, it has a
large target audience of younger modern working class people
interested in showbiz, celebrities, the media, sports and politics.

It gives short but detailed information about its main story so that
people going to work can quickly understand what may have happened by
reading the 2/3 small paragraphs of text, to a certain extent the
daily express also allows readers to make up their own mind about a
story; it is a right wing conservative supporting paper.

The le-pen story

The Guardian

In the guardian paper we find a long (but small font sized) heading
reading “From farce to violence as far-right le pen shares a platform
with BNP leader” this is quite a detailed two line heading giving a
lot of information in itself, telling us that there has been a
ridiculous situation in which violence has occurred during a meeting
between Mr Le pen and the BNP leader, the way in which the heading has
been put together is specifically aimed at the target audience
mentioned earlier (mature and intellectual men and women) , good
grammatical words, such as farce and violence have been specially put
in to draw readers in to find out what has happened, it is quite an
accurate comment to say that the British public want to hear about any
violence, problems, disorder, chaos etc, so the words farce and
violence pull of this clever stunt to draw readers in.

As far as the actually story is concerned the paper decided to carry
on going down the line of reporting about a mockery, instead of
reporting about the arrival of Le pen, the whole of the story on the
front page (consisting of 5 columns) is dedicated in...

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