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Comparing Job Descriptions Essay

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Comparing Job Descriptions


In writing a job description, it is important for the job description to be clear and specific. In comparing different job descriptions, you will notice the differences. If a clear meaning is not shown, the employee will not have a clear understanding what is expected of them. I compared two job descriptions, and this is what I came up with.
In Managing Human Resources (Snell, Bohlander 2013 pg.153) job descriptions should have the job title and location section, a jobs identification section, and a job duties section. Both, job descriptions did include this information, but the title headings were labeled ...view middle of the document...

154) that list the job duties, functions, and responsibilities. There is much more of a description listed of what is to be expected of the employee on this job description. On the retail store manager description it is titled “your role” (Lifetouch Portrait Studios, Inc.), and it contains much less information and less of a clearer picture of what is to be expected of you. While both job descriptions have included the necessary information for a job description, the retail manager job description included some additional sections that told you about their company and why should work for them. I found the information to be appealing and beneficial and knowing more about the company as a whole. But, overall, the other job description was much more specific and gave a clearer picture of what was expected by the employee in that job position.
While both job descriptions included the three essential parts of a good job description, the retail manager job description was vague in comparison to the employment assistant job description. The lack of more specific information and missing last revision date left room for error and clarity of the actual job to be performed. The added sections about the company and why you should work there did add attractiveness, but overall I think the employee assistant job description was better.

Lifetouch Portrait Studios, Inc. N/A

Bohlander, G. & Snell, S. (2013,2010). Managing Human Resources 16th Edition. Mason: South-Western Cengage Learning.

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