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Comparing Hong Kong And United States Heath Care Systems

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Amanda Newcomer
November 01, 2013

Comparing Hong Kong and United States Heath Care Systems
The United States is currently in the process of a health care reform which will change the current private sector health care program into a universal healthcare system. A great example of a universal healthcare program is Hong Kong. There are other countries that have changed from a private to a public health care system, but Hong Kong has shown that they have done it best. When comparing Hong Kong’s healthcare system to the United States healthcare system, the strengths and weaknesses of both will be revealed.
In Hong Kong the government feels that no ...view middle of the document...

The United States has a health care system which is run off a private sector which has caused health care cost to be extremely high. This system also has public programs to help people who care either below the poverty line, cannot afford regular insurance and people who are Veterans. The public programs are set to help people who cannot afford their own health insurance. These programs have some areas that are not working properly and need to be fixed.
The public system consists of Medicare, Medicaid, S-Chip, and the V. A. The Medicare program has many gaps in coverage which causes the senior citizens on the program to pay 22% of their income on their medical expenses. (Healthcare System Overview) The private insurance can be private or non-group private. These programs are able to deny insurance for people with preexisting conditions, which leaves many Americans with no health insurance or the ability to receive preventable care. The private sector programs also have benefits that can vary between different providers. Another downfall of this program is that prescription’s may or may not be covered by insurance and if they are covered the prices may vary. The confusion and high cost of the constantly changing deductibles and co-pays can deter a patient from going to the doctor, dentist, eye doctor or any other type of health care professional.
In the Hong Kong healthcare system there is one flat rate for each kind of service or medicine. The Hong Kong health care system is very easy for its citizens to understand. With their flat rate for services for a certain income based group and no fees for people on Comprehensive Social Security Assistance or the patients who are considered underprivileged by the income poverty index. There is no government subsidy for the private healthcare.
The United States healthcare system is very complicated and some people do not understand their own insurance policies. Due to prices changing for their co-pays, rising deductible’s and various cost of prescription’s, many Americans that have insurance can have a form of sticker shock when purchasing any type of healthcare need.
When comparing the two systems for effectiveness it is very obvious to see were the gaps are and how unsuccessful the United States healthcare system is.
Hong Kong United States of America
Efficiency Score | 92.6 | Efficiency Score | 30.8 |
Life expectancy | 83.4 | Life expectancy | 78.6 |
Healthcare cost % GDP per capita | 3.8% | Healthcare cost % GDP per capita | 17.2% |
Healthcare cost per capita | $1409 | Healthcare cost per capita...

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