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Comparing Hart Rate After Playing Tennis And After Playing Virtual Tennis Using The Wii Game

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Comparing Hart Rate After Playing Tennis and After Playing Virtual Tennis Using the Wii Game

The purpose of my experiment is to compare the heart rate change results between playing a sport in real life and playing a video game based off of that sport. I will use a procedure that involves multiple people playing tennis in real life, taking and recording their heart rate pulse, then having them play a video game that is based off tennis with a motion-sensor controller that acts as if they were swinging an actual tennis racquet, and finally record their pulse afterwards, and comparing the two pulses between the two different activities. I presume that the data will show that ...view middle of the document...

They kept an eye on the calories burned, the heart rate and energy expenditure of five girls and seven boys from 13-15 years old. Playing 15 minutes with the traditional controller made the energy expenditure increase by 60 percent, with the WiiRemote the result was 156 percent! Their hear beats were also faster when using the Wii reaching per minute up to 130 beats, while in traditional games this is only 85 bpm.” (
I also chose to do this science fair project because I thoroughly enjoy playing both tennis and video games. So with those two interests, I decided to combine them to form a science fair project that I would enjoy doing.

Technical Discussion
Method: I gathered a group of 10 people who wanted to volunteer to take part of the experiment. Then I took them to my house, hooked up the Nintendo Wii, and put in the Wii Sports game disc. I had each person, one-by-one, play the computer in tennis on the hard difficulty setting for three matches. After the completion of the third match, I told them to take their pulse for ten seconds, multiplied the pulse by six to get beats per minute, and recorded the number. I repeated this for the next nine players. After the tenth and final person, I grabbed my two tennis racquets and asked my mother to drive us up to the tennis courts. After arriving, I split the players into groups of two....

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