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Comparing Classes Essay

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Thesis: When choosing classes for college comparing and contrasting the classes is very helpful. Online class vs. Traditional class is a common decision many college students have to make.
I. Location

II. Interaction

III. Accessibility
-In Classroom

Comparing online classes to traditional classes’ people generally pick traditional, because that’s all they have ever known. These days, there are many different ways to access higher education. One can enroll in a traditional program, attending classes and accessing educational resources on campus. Someone can also enroll in an all-online program, in which the majority of your schoolwork and communications are completed via the Internet. Or there's the in-between option: Blended learning environments that combine on-campus and online coursework.
Online courses typically allow students to work together, which means that they can ...view middle of the document...

For many students, social interactions are a key aspect of the college experience. If someone is planning to meet new people and expand social and professional networks, it is important to take at least a few classes on campus (Barrett). However, online courses aren't entirely about interaction. As noted above, some include message boards and videoconferences that link classmates to each other as well as to their instructors. Furthermore, many online classes are taken by people from all over the world at the same time, offering an opportunity to make digital connections with people who you would never meet on campus.
However, online courses offer some unique opportunities for skills development. It's important to be somewhat comfortable with computers before you embark on an online class, but most students find that the experience helps them develop a whole new set of useful technical skills. Online courses also typically involve a lot more writing practice since there are few opportunities for answering questions verbally.
Gone are the days when distance learning meant that a student had to correspond with their instructor via snail mail, or even email. Today's Internet-based courses typically include opportunities for instant communication such as message boards, online chatting and even videoconferencing. But even a video conversation can't replace the experience of face to face interaction. Students who thrive on the quick exchange of ideas between professor and students may find that they prefer the classroom environment to online courses (Richard). On the other hand, students who experience anxiety when they're called on to speak during class will enjoy the time to reflect on their responses offered by online courses.

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