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Comparing And Contrasting The Hr Practices In China And South Korea

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Human Resource Management (HRM) has been considered as the important part of management in enterprise in the modern society because it influences on the whole member of company. In the recent years, under the impact of environmental changes such as globalization, benchmarking, and "best practice", it seems that HRM tends to converges and universalizes (Rowley & Benson 2002). However, more recently researches questions whether there is a convergence of HR practices between countries as pressure increases to conform to a uniform model (Rowley & Benson 2002). In order to explore this proposition, this essay will examine the HRM in China and South Korea.The HRM in China will be examined ...view middle of the document...

As a result, employees are recruited much more freely externally through various channels such as university recruitment, job fairs, newspaper advertisements, labour agencies and increasingly through job agencies relying heavily on the Internet especially in Joint Ventures (Braun & Warner 2002). This new system causes the increase of the number of workers in Joint Ventures. Workers in Joint Venture pay much better than the other companies in China like the state-owned enterprises. According to improvement of recruitment policy after economics reforms, employees and enterprises both can have the choices in their jobs and workers, and play a role on each position effectively.With reference to training and development steps, given the tradition of centrally allocating labour, there is a consistently high degree of state involvement in the provision and regulation of manpower training resources at the enterprise levels. After 1979, the traditional system have been replaced gradually by a vocational qualification verification system which practices education certificate and vocational qualification certificate and has enabled workers to take the training course of their choice and to be more flexible in job selection (Nyaw 1995).Moreover, for a long time the promotion system in Chinese state-owned enterprises has been based on seniority of workers and staff rather than on performance. For instance, connections, the term "guan xi" is used in Chinese, are very important in getting on in Chinese society, even if technocratic qualifications have become more necessary, and at the same time it is another major factor in determining who should be promoted. Workers and staff who have special "guan xi" with the superiors in power, either through family connections or forming special clues, normally get promoted over others lacking the connections (Nyaw 1995). In addition, a cadre can be promoted to senior ranks but cannot be demoted regardless of his capability or performance. This has resulted in a phenomenon where there are too many high-ranking officials with too few rank-and-file staff, and there is over-staffing with too few staff actually performing work (Chen 1989). However, there is evidence that promotion is increasingly based on ability in 1984 although it has low wage levels, the lack of a rigorous performance appraisal system and the lack of implementable and enforceable regulations (Nyaw 1995).With regards to performance appraisal procedure, it can be the essential part of HRM because it is closely related with the wage and the enthusiasm for work. It is used for promotion, training, rewards, transfer and demotion, and is carried out either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, depending on the nature of jobs (Chen 1989). Prior to the current reforms, performance appraisal for cadres was usually conducted annually by the personnel department of the cadre's organization. Whereas performance appraisal for employees was usually judged...

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