Comparing And Contrasting The British Cuisine With The Indian Cuisine

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Comparing and Contrasting the British Cuisine with the Indian Cuisine
A cuisine is a traditional method or style of cooking, which is usually related to a particular culture. Cuisine can be considered as an aspect of the culture of a country in countless ways. For example, religion has a great influence on food in Muslim countries where people tend to eat all types of meat except pork. In this essay, I will be comparing and contrasting the British cuisine with that of my own country, the Indian cuisine. There are both, very interesting similarities and differences that one can notice in the traditional cuisines of both these countries which may, in fact, prove to be quite interesting. I ...view middle of the document...

This can be seen in most of the Indian restaurants in the UK, as most Indian dishes are specially prepared less spicy than usual, in order to attract such customers.
Regardless of these differences, these two apparently opposite cultures share quite a few important familiarities.
There are several cultural similarities in the cuisine between these two countries, which is often known as Anglo-Indian cuisine. This is a distinct cuisine of the Anglo-Indians in both the countries. Some of its dishes involve traditional British cuisine, with Indian spices. Also fish and meat are cooked in a curry form these days using Indian vegetables. (Rumeana Jahangir, 2009)
Another dish could be included in this as well, which is the Anglo-Indian Chicken Tikka Masala, a dish that the British cuisine has absorbed from the cultural influence of those that settled in Britain. Syed Ahmed, the festival director and editor of Curry Today magazine said “British curries are quite unique”, “They are milder and healthier.” (Rhys Blakely, 2010)
Another similarity may involve the fact that ‘Curry’ is a very popular dish in both cuisines, which was, actually, originated from the Indian cuisine. According to some of the proven researches, a fact that should be taken to consideration is that “the most popular dish in England at the moment is Curry” (Mandy Barrow, 2010). “Indian food is the UK's favourite cuisine. In the latest keynote survey, retail sales accounted for 42% of total sales of ethnic foods and were valued at £250 million.” (Curry factfile, 2003) Nowadays, people enjoying a curry after a night out in the pub, is becoming a trend in most of the cities in England....

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