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Compared Creation Myths Essay

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Other Archetypes
We focus on the trickster or deceiver because her archetype ties directly to the ultimate quest of Mr. Incredible and his family. The deceit that Mirage commits is by enticing Bob, or Mr. Incredible, with a false quest of destroying a military weapon that has gone rogue. Her trickery is appealing to Mr. Incredible because it satisfies two of his main concerns. It satisfies his ability to care for his family financially and it also satisfies his desire to utilize his superhero abilities for what he believes is for the common good. The trickery or deceit archetype in this myth shows importance because it allows the viewers to see the vulnerability of the hero and later ...view middle of the document...

If it were not for his freezing abilities, their mistake in saving others and ending up inside of a bank could have very well cost them their freedom.

The Quest of the Hero
Initiation-The initiation of Mr. Incredible’s quest is again, triggered by deceit. Living in the everyday world and holding a claim’s adjuster job has left the hero in a state of depression and feeling unaccomplished. He is enticed by the notion that he would be able to practice his superhero abilities by working for the government to thwart off this rogue weapon. The falsified mission also allows him the ability to provide financially for his family, which is something that his claims job did not completely do, especially considering he loses his job after assaulting his boss. Unknown to him this initiates his ultimate quest of family understanding and public understanding of the superheroes.
Separation-Separation in this myth comes in two forms. Once is the separation from reality for Mr. Incredible and the other is the physical separation from his family when he is captured by the villain. The mental separation from Mr. Incredible’s family again ties into the deceit of the false quest. While initially working for the villain, Mr. Incredible seems happy and is even getting better shape. However, this is a false sense of accomplishment, considering that he is not actually working for who he believes he is working for. The physical separation of course occurs when the deceitful plan to destroy him is uncovered and he is taken hostage. He is cut off from his family and is physically restrained against his will.

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